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SUGEE has branded new!!

SUGEE is now Branded new!

 Today we officially announce to you that we have been reborn as SUGEE Kansai from SUGEE OSAKA. From last December, we have tried to support entrepreneurs and business challengers from abroad who are challenging their journey in Osaka. Now we have expanded our base into the whole Kansai area to achieve our mission, “Building an ecosystem where global innovators can collaborate to create SUGEE moments, without any difficulties caused by the nationality”. We aim to support more and more innovators and challengers in Kansai area.

Please find more details here (


 Along with this change, we will launch new services not only for foreign innovators but also for Japanese companies. 

 We will update you when each service is opened, so please wait for our future announcements. 


 As for the service we had provided as SUGEE OSAKA is renamed as SUGEE Magazine. Here is the entrance page of it ( As SUGEE Magazine, we will make further efforts in providing more useful business information. 
Thank you for your continuous subscribing. 

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has also updated. Please see this link and check our new policy.

If you have any question about this news from us, feel free to contact us ([email protected]). 

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