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Start Your Business in Japan.
Fast and Easy.

Our various services will quickly remove all barriers to make you ready doing business in Kansai seamlessly.

How we helps

Legaling. Connecting. Strategizing.

We will help you to start your business from the ground-up.

— Legal

Helps you with the legal support.

Setting up a business entity is now easy. We provide bilingual service consultation and education on how to register your company in Japan in English and Japanese. No need to worry and set-up your business now!

— No presence needed

Helps you remotely setup your business and office.

For foreigner Business Owner, to expands or start business in Japan will takes time, energy and resources. We can help you to minimize it, so you can just focus on your business and we can help you handle the legal and find the perfect office for your business.

Your first step to start your business in Japan

    Our staff will contact you after receiving your inquiry. Please note that you may not receive an e-mail from us depending on your e-mail settings. If you do not receive an auto-reply email from us within 3 business days, please contact us by phone.

    Find us
    Sugee Kansai Office

    Amagasaki K.R Building 5F, 3-90-1, Showa Dori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, 660-0881, Japan

    Business Hours

    Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:00

    Sat - Sun: Closed

    SUGEE Bussines Setup
    is part of eftax Co., Ltd.

    Company Name

    eftax Co., Ltd.
    株式会社 eftax


    Head office
    Amagasaki K.R Building 5F, 3-90, Showa Dori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, 660-0881, Japan


    January 8, 2013


    10 million yen


    Managing Director Tomoaki Nakai

    Number of employees

    10 employees (including executives),7 part-time workers, 11 interns, 18 outsourced workers (As of April 2022)


  • Outsourced data analysis and support for in-house production
  • AI/IoT system installation support
  • Web/Mobile application contract development
  • Salesforce/Tableau Consulting
  • Provision of data analysis education content
  • Conducting data analysis dispatch training for companies
  • Licenses and Certifications

    Real estate transaction business, Governor of Hyogo (2) No. 204166

    Member Organizations and Agreements

  • Osaka Prefecture DX Promotion Partners
  • Start your business in Japan!

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