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How to register a trademark in Japan?

This article will help people who want to know how to register a trademark in Japan.

What is Kojinjigyonushi?

Introduction When you start...

Privacy Policy updated: 27 May 2020

Privacy Policy updated: 27...

SUGEE has branded new!!

SUGEE is now Branded new!

 Today we officially announce to you that we have been reborn as SUGEE Kansai from SUGEE OSAKA. From last December, we have tried to support entrepreneurs and business challengers from abroad who are challenging their journey in Osaka. Now we have expanded our base into the whole Kansai area to achieve our mission, “Building an ecosystem where global innovators can collaborate to create SUGEE moments, without any difficulties caused by the nationality”. We aim to support more and more innovators and challengers in Kansai area.

Please find more details here (


 Along with this change, we will launch new services not only for foreign innovators but also for Japanese companies. 

 We will update you when each service is opened, so please wait for our future announcements. 

 As for the service we had provided as SUGEE OSAKA is renamed as SUGEE Magazine. Here is the entrance page of it ( As SUGEE Magazine, we will make further efforts in providing more useful business information. 
Thank you for your continuous subscribing. 

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy has also updated. Please see this link and check our new policy.

If you have any question about this news from us, feel free to contact us ( 

What is NPO Hojin?

This article is specifically about Non-Profit Organization corporation(NPO Hojin=NPO法人), especially for the characteristics, advantages & disadvantages, and also how to establish.

SUGEE Meetup Online: Necessary Mindsets for WFH

Now, everyone has a common question.
“What the world will be after COVID-19?”

Because of the spread of Coronavirus around the planet, we are facing a huge crisis that no one has ever seen. This global-scale pandemic is changing our work-styles drastically. 
Of course, Japan is no exception. 

So we will talk this time about “Necessary mindsets for Working From Home“. 
It is said that WFH is not just a temporary trend. The gig economy has been expanded rapidly since 2015 and now we have realized that many more jobs can be completed remotely than we had imagined. 
Inviting Sonny Kurniawan as a keynote speaker, we will think about what kinds of mindsets are required for changing the working style while introducing supportive technologies of this shift. 

★What you can learn?
# Necessary mindsets for WFH
# Best technologies that encourage remote work

# Tips for integrating remote working style to your company
# How to set KPI and review performance when remote working

It will be also a good networking opportunity for your business and career!!

– Introduction (5 min)
–Guest presentation (25 min)
– Discussion among participants (25 min)
– Closing (5 min)

★Who can join?
Wherever you are from as long as you are passionate about doing business in Japan, we all welcome you!
*This is ALL English event.
Include SUGEE members join in for discussing with you!

★Date : May 22th(Fri) 2020, From 18:30 to 19:30 JST (UTC+9)
★Fee: free
★Tool:We will use zoom. After your application is completed, we will send you the zoom link by email.


★Keynote speaker: Sonny Kurniawan

sonny profile

Sonny Kurniawan is a self-employed Software engineer with more than 10 years of experience working in Japanese top software companies.
After finished his master’s degree in aerospace engineering at Tohoku University, he began his career at Sony Corporation managing development teams. After working at an online game startup, he joined Rakuten, a frontend producer. Spending several years at an IoT entertainment startup in Tokyo, now working as a freelance engineer.



It is a multi-support media run by Scribble Osaka Lab that helps foreigners in starting or doing business in Kansai, Japan. We provide various information and  Networking opportunities in English. (

Feel free to contact us:

Bank Loan in Japan

This article will elaborate on the characteristic of two types of Japanese banks to help people choose a financing method that is more suitable for them, you can also learn about what kind of documents you need to prepare before you apply for a loan from a bank.

SUGEE Kansai provides comprehensive solutions for companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals to start or do their business in Japan, especially in Kansai.

SUGEE Kansai Services

Quickly remove all barriers to make you ready doing business in Kansai seamlessly

SUGEE Business Set Up

Helps you setting up your business in Japan (legal, insight, etc).

SUGEE Entrepreneur

Helps entrepreneurs to establish start ups in Kansai (insight, network).


Helps (overseas) professionals and Japanese companies to hire the right employee in the right place.

SUGEE Internship

Helps foreigners who stay in Japan to get internship opportunities.


Helps you learn language, culture, and technological barriers to make you ready doing business in Japan.


Helps you and your overseas employees to get Japan Visa quickly.

SUGEE Housing

Helps you get or share accommodation while working in Kansai.

SUGEE Translation

Helps you easily get professional and accurate Japanese translation for your business. 

SUGEE Tax Support

Helps you to manage tax in Japan with multiple language translation services.

SUGEE Business Set Up


Register your company in Japan is now easy

Setting up a business entity is now easy. We provide bilingual service consultation and education on how to register your company in Japan in English and Japanese. No need to worry and set-up your business now!

SUGEE Entrepreneur

Open entrepreneurial windows of opportunities 

Unlock many opportunities to learn entrepreneurship, local wisdom of Kansai and Japan, go-to market strategy, and get connected with Venture Capitals and other networking opportunities. Let’s make your start up works out in Japan and Asia.


Hire the right employee in the right place 

SUGEE Works provides a job platform that connects high skilled tech professionals all around the world and companies who need skillful and more affordable tech talents.

Our focus on skill talent includes: software developer, designer, data scientist, AI engineer, IoT engineer, customer service talent, and so on.

Foreign professionals (non Japanese) are very welcomed to join SUGEE Works. We are confident that we are able to find you a matched work environment, work hours, and beautiful salaries!

SUGEE Internship

 Hire the right intern in the right place

SUGEE Internship connects the foreign students in Japan who need an internship and the Japanese companies who are accepting foreign interns.

We also offers consultation service for foreign student who want to get internship in Kansai.



Upgrade Your Skills to Survive in Japan Market

General Japanese Class

Level: Beginner – Intermediate (N5 – N3)

Books: Minna No Nihongo 1 & 2

Number of students: Maximum 6

Number of class: 10 times / terms (2 times / week)

Fee / class: TBD

Date and time: Adjustable based on students

Business Japanese Class

Level: Advance (at least N2)

Books: Shigoto No Nihongo IT Gyoumu

Number of students: Maximum 6

Number of class: 10 times / terms (2 times / week)

Fee / class: TBD

Date and time: Adjustable based on students

We also provide Tech class includes software development, data analytics, AI, IoT, and other courses 


Obtain Your Visa Couldn’t be Easier 

SUGEE Visa Support service supports you and your overseas employees to obtain Japanese Visa quickly and effectively.

Available visa types:

  1. Highly skilled professional visa
  2. Working Visa
  3. General Visa
  4. Specified Visa
  5. Startup Visa
  6. Diplomatic Visa
  7. Official Visa

SUGEE Housing

Right accommodation for your leisure

Finding the right accommodation such as apartment, sharehouse, oreven house in Japan could be stressful for expatriates.

SUGEE Housing provides housing service in English for foreigner lives in Kansai area.

SUGEE Translation

 Language is your strength, not your boundary

SUGEE Translation provides high quality translation services on specialized fields such as: copy writing on websites, drafting contracts, training materials, documents, manuals, and more in Japanese or other languages.

SUGEE Translation aims to supply clients with the language resources best suited to their needs.

Language available: English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, etc.

SUGEE Tax Support


Manage Your Tax and Accounting According to Japanese Language and Compliance

SUGEE Tax and Accounting Support Collaborates with Aramaki Tax Accounting Office to offer consultation and service on:

  • Tax Declaration
  • Tax Inspection
  • Establishment of monthly settlement system
  • Accounting and settlement support
  • Financial analysis and business planning
  • Support for facilitating accounting operations
  • Tax and Accounting Consulting


Can I do something for a better world?

Of course. Whoever you are and whatever you do right now, remember, to do it with 100% effort, heart, and prayer. Only with totality, you can achieve your SUGEE moments. Good luck!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s start your business in Japan and let us help your needs