Start Your Business in Japan with SUGEE Kansai

Tokyo is no longer the only destination for your business. Kansai region, the second-largest economy in Japan, is a choice you have. SUGEE Kansai helps your challenges comprehensively as the foreigners’ business hub in Kansai.

SUGEE Kansai Services

Quickly remove all barriers to make you ready doing business in Kansai seamlessly

SUGEE Business Set Up

Helps you setting up your business in Japan (legal, insight, etc).


Helps (overseas) professionals and Japanese companies to hire the right employee in the right place.

SUGEE Magazine

Total Web Magazine for foreign entrepreneurs.

SUGEE Translation

Helps you easily get professional and accurate Japanese translation for your business. 

SUGEE Kansai Official App

Local SNS for foreigners in Kansai

With SUGEE Kansai app, you no longer have to feel alone working in Kansai.

This app is for you who are looking for networking opportunities, partners for your business, the latest information of Kansai Business Scene, and knowledge of predecessors.

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Online Meetup: Learn How to Success in SDGs Business from a Mushroom-tech Startup!

Let’s learn SDGs in startups. In this online&offline meetup, Mr. Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, a co-founder and chief innovation officer from Mycotech, will share his experiences in challenging the environmental issue of the industry and talk about points of setting up, managing, and expanding SDGs business as a startup.

2 Phrases You Have to Know to Rent a Room in Japan

Are you finding it hard to rent a place? Then you should understand about Shiki-kin and Reikin. What do these phrases mean? How to rent a House?

Which is the best SNS for Business in Japan?

What SNS are frequently used in Japan? Which is preferable for Business?
Why and How Japanese people use each social media platform?

START in KOBE (5) – Why You Should Start in Kobe Now?

Why Kobe is the best place for you to start a business? Here is the final answer!

START in KOBE (4) – What is UNOPS and Global Innovation Center Japan?

What Kobe is doing for startups with UNOPS and Hyogo Prefectural Government?

START in KOBE (3) – What is Startup VISA?

The Startup Visa is the new visa system for foreign entrepreneurs, which was started in Japan in 2018.

START in KOBE (2) – What is the 500 Startups Kobe Accelerator?

500 Startups Kobe Accelerator is the first-ever world-famous Venture Capital’s partnership with the government. What are the benefits for you?

Participate Companies in 500 Startups Kobe Accelerator was announced

500 Startups Kobe Accelerator is an acceleration program, provided by 500 Startups in collaboration with Kobe City. This year 17 teams are selected.

SUGEE Business Set Up


Register your company in Japan is now easy

Setting up a business entity is now easy. We provide bilingual service consultation and education on how to register your company in Japan in English and Japanese. No need to worry and set-up your business now!


Hire the right employee in the right place 

SUGEE Works provides a job platform that connects high skilled tech professionals all around the world and companies who need skillful and more affordable tech talents.

Our focus on skill talent includes: software developer, designer, data scientist, AI engineer, IoT engineer, customer service talent, and so on.

Foreign professionals (non Japanese) are very welcomed to join SUGEE Works. We are confident that we are able to find you a matched work environment, work hours, and beautiful salaries!

SUGEE Translation

 Language is your strength, not your boundary

SUGEE Translation provides high quality translation services on specialized fields such as: copy writing on websites, drafting contracts, training materials, documents, manuals, and more in Japanese or other languages.

SUGEE Translation aims to supply clients with the language resources best suited to their needs.

Language available: English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, etc.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Let’s start your business in Japan and let us help your needs