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Kobe has become known as a “Startup City” through the efforts to support startups in collaboration with the world-class VC, and the United Nations.

To get a better understanding of these, SUGEE Kansai has interviewed the people in charge of Kobe City’s startup support and has written a series of 5 articles based on the interviews.


The latest

Online Meetup: Learn How to Success in SDGs Business from a Mushroom-tech Startup!

Let’s learn SDGs in startups. In this online&offline meetup, Mr. Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, a co-founder and chief innovation officer from Mycotech, will share his experiences in challenging the environmental issue of the industry and talk about points of setting up, managing, and expanding SDGs business as a startup.

Can foreigners have a side-business in Japan?

COVID-19 has changed the rules and situations of businesses all over the world. It has affected...

2 Phrases You Have to Know to Rent a Room in Japan

Are you finding it hard to rent a place? Then you should understand about Shiki-kin and Reikin. What do these phrases mean? How to rent a House?

Natural disasters in Japan and the importance of BCP

When starting a business, it is important to understand the region where you are to start the...

Which is the best SNS for Business in Japan?

What SNS are frequently used in Japan? Which is preferable for Business?
Why and How Japanese people use each social media platform?

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