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 We are building an ecosystem where global talents, companies, and entrepreneurs can collaborate together and create SUGEE innovations starting from Kansai

Over the last decade, the number of foreigners coming to Japan to work has tripled and increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, we found these people are facing a lot of problems in language barrier, housing, work ethics, unfamiliar regulations, and difficulty in blend into Japanese culture. Among foreigners who work in Japan, some got a lot of supports in Tokyo but we found a lot of foreigners having difficulties to do business in Kansai region.

That’s why SUGEE Kansai offers support, on every step, to creative workers from abroad with the focus on the Kansai area, the 2nd largest economy in Japan.

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SUGEE Philosophy

SUGEE [sugé:] is a Japanese slang which means great or excellent!! Whenever Japanese people encounter something impressive, they say “SUGEE!!!” impulsively. Together with SUGEE people from all over the world, we aim to spread SUGEE moments all over Kansai.

SUGEE is also an abbreviation of

#StartUp #Global #Entrepreneur #Ecosystem

 We provides ecosystem where global talents, companies, and entrepreneurs can collaborate to leverage their business and create SUGEE innovations from Kansai to all over the world.

Let us assist your needs during your business journey in Japan.

Kansai Region

Our services cover all region of Kansai including Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Mie, Shiga, and Wakayama. Your business can start at Kansai and grow into a global company.


Our Story

Our journey starts from 2013 as Eftax Co., Ltd., a data analytics company in Hyogo, Japan. It helps companies to improve their quality and speed of decision making with technologies such as AI and IoT.

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As we grow our business further, we establish Scribble Osaka Lab (SOL), a Co-working space in Osaka which has established since 2018.
In SOL, people are gathered, ideas are exchanged. From technology, business, career, all the way to language, arts, and music, there are various places you can write down your ideas.

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In early 2020, we established SUGEE as our initiative to help Japanese foreigners who work, starting, or doing business in Japan especially in Kansai.
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Our Team

Tomoaki Nakai


(CEO of Eftax, Co. Ltd.)

Hi SUGEE people! We’ve been through 7 years of journey since Eftax and now we are building SUGEE, an ecosystem in which excellent overseas talent like you can easily start a business in Kansai!

Fristy Tania

Service Manager

Hi SUGEE people!

We are eager to helps you spread your wings and fly high to start your business here, in Kansai.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to start your SUGEE adventure!

Haruki Morikawa

Business Operation

Hi businessmen and expatriates,

With SUGEE, there is no longer any barrier to your challenges doing business in Kansai. This is our SUGEE spirit!

Satoshi Ono

Business Operation

Hi entrepreneurs,

We provide maximum support for companies who try to start a business in Kansai. We’re looking forward to your SUGEE challenge!


Content Creator

Hi change makers,

I’m SUGEE’s content creator from Nigeria.

Join us and experience the SUGEE moments!

Chen Xin

Content Creator

Hi millenials,

I’m SUGEE’s content writer from China. 

Welcome to Kansai and find your SUGEE life!

Kyoko Itabashi

Content Creator

Hi innovators,

I’m SUGEE’s content creator. 

Let’s make your business works out with SUGEE talents!

Imam Prabowo


Hi digital talents,

I’m SUGEE’s web designer from Indonesia.

Diversity isn’t a barrier but a power that makes us stronger. This is our SUGEE culture!

Burak Fidan

App Developer

Hi fellow tech savvy,

I’m SUGEE’s mobile developer from Turkey.

With Sugee we want to create a huge and sharing community. Let’s work together and create a SUGEE legacy!


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