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Kansai Employment Consultation Center


SUGEE OSAKA will introduce facilities that help start businesses in Kansai region. In this article, we will introduce the Kansai Employment Consultation Center (KECC) located in Grand Front Osaka where is a startup base in Osaka.

Purpose of


The Employment Consultation Center (KECC)


In the National Strategic Special Zones, in order to enhance the international competitiveness of the industry or to smoothly develop businesses that contribute to the formation of international economic activity bases by preventing individual labor-related disputes providing information, consultation, advice, and other assistance to foreign companies and other business owners who establish new offices and hire new workers. 
Note: The Employment Consultation Center is designed to prevent labor disputes from occurring, and therefore our services are available only for matters not in dispute.


1.General Labor-related Consultation
Consultations on general inquiries about labor-related laws by lawyers and Social Security Attorneys.

2.Professional Consultation

Consultations on highly professional matters for labor management and the compliance of labor contracts.

3.Individual Consultation Visits
Social Security Attorneys of KECC will visit individual corporations and provide custom labor management advice accordingly.


KECC conducts free monthly seminars on labor-related laws and labor management practices matters.

You can see the seminar information from Facebook and LINE @




KECC provides labor-related consultations on recruitment and employment by Lawyers and Labor and Social Security Attorneys free of charge.

1.Free consultations

KECC provides labor-related consultations on recruitment and employment by Lawyers and Labor and Social Security Attorneys free of charge.

2.Consultations in Foreign Languages Available

Consultations of Service 1 through 3 are also available in English, Chinese and Korean through an interpreter or telephone interpretation services.

Note: Please make a reservation for a consultation in foreign languages other than English.



Room K827, Knowledge Capital 8th floor, Grand Front Osaka North Building, 3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011
・Business hours11:00AM-8:00PM, Monday to Friday
・Mail [email protected]

Inside photos of Kansai Employment Consultation Center


Finally, we interviewed Mr.Ushirokoji-san of the Kansai Employment Consultation Center.

1. Kansai Employment Consultation Center was established to solve what kind of problems?

Our business is to help new start-up companies develop smoothly utilizing preventing corporate individual labor disputes from occurring. We have experienced consultants (lawyers and Social Security Attorneys) familiar with labor-related laws and they will provide professional consultation concerning labor disputes and other Japanese labor laws. If matters do not happen, the business will naturally develop and grow smoothly. Our service is to help entrepreneurs understand the rules correctly so that they can prevent labor disputes from occurring. This is one of the things we do. Another part is related to global business. Our goal is to ensure Entrepreneurs from abroad understand Japanese labor laws correctly so that the possibility of labor disputes could be reduced in the process of hiring Japanese and foreigners. The target is Venture companies established within five years and global companies.

2. Based on consulting cases, what should foreign managers in Japan be aware of regarding employment and labor laws?

There are some cultural differences between Japan and overseas. So, I think they need to know more about Japanese characteristics and corporate culture. For example, the Japanese are punctual and time-conscious. There are often hidden rules in the workplace like the more you work overtime, the higher your ability to work, or you need to obey your boss unconditionally and so on. Also, the Japanese labor contracts and laws are very difficult to understand and our business is to ensure venture companies and global companies fully and correctly understand these laws.

3. Based on the data of consulting cases, what is the proportion of foreigners entrepreneurs coming for consultation

From April of last year to January of this year, foreign entrepreneurs who come for consultation account for 7% of the total during the ten months. I believe that there is a lot of room for our career growth and especially the support of global companies must be increased in the future. Consultation is completely free, so foreign entrepreneurs with any doubts about starting a business or Japanese labor contracts and laws can come to Grand Front Osaka or Contact us by phone or email.

My impressions


From the chart above, we can see that foreigners in Japan have been steadily rising since 2012, but actually, there are very few foreigners starting businesses in Japan. On the one hand, it is because Japan’s entrepreneurial environment is less friendly than in other countries. On the other hand, foreign operators are also suffering from some difficulties that hinder them from achieving their entrepreneurial dreams such as language barriers and less understanding of Japanese labor laws. But in fact, Japanese society has been reforming from a long time ago, and its acceptance of venture companies and global companies has become higher and higher. It is becoming a society that firmly supports people whether from abroad or native to start businesses in Japan. From another perspective, there is unlimited potential for starting businesses in Japan. Many people still don’t know that because of lacking access to information. And SUGEE’s role is to be a bridge between entrepreneurs and Japan. So if you have the dream of starting a business in Japan, please come to KECC. At the same time, SUGEE will always provide easy-to-access information for people who want to start a business in Japan. Let’s contribute to the realization of a diverse society!

Interviewer and Writer: Chen Xin, a SUGEE writer

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