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Why Osaka??

Why people choose Osaka for starting their own business.

Shin-Sekai, one of the famous place for tourists in Osaka.

So, what stands out for Osaka compared to the rest of the cities in Japan?

Well from a tourist outlook, Osaka is really convenient to visit due to its location that near Kansai International airport, the airport that serves Kansai Prefecture in Japan.

And also you can visit tourism hotspots like Kobe and Kyoto during your stay in Osaka.

Osaka Business Park

From a business perspective, the Japanese Government had invested heavily in innovation and growth within Osaka itself. 

Due to how expensive Tokyo can be, many companies have decided that setting a base in Osaka would be more ideal for their overhead costs.

The city of Osaka is the political, economic and cultural center of the Kansai region.

Aforementioned of how much the government has invested in Osaka, they are currently behind to Tokyo in terms of how many companies are incorporated.

Also, due to the number of people that Osaka has compared to Tokyo, it is becoming a more ideal location where people would want to settle in. Cost playing an important factor in this as well.

The commercial office is located in the north and south by elongated.

We will show you the principal five office areas from north to south.

– Shin-Osaka area which Shinkansen(Bullet train) arrive
– Umeda area which 4 train lines gather and which huge commercial buildings line up
– Nakanoshima area which is surrounded by the river and where the city hall is in
– Yodoyabashi area where old traditional financial companies spread along Midosuji boulevard
– Hommachi area where old traditional textile companies and general trading companies spread along Midosuji boulevard

from Google MAP

Osaka is considered the food capital of Japan, as seen on Netflix’s series, street food. Many different types of Japanese cuisine originated in Osaka and brought out to the rest of Japan and even the world.

The more popular and common local foods are Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. Considered street food where it fills your tummy on the go, are some of the treats that Osaka has to offer

And when in Osaka or even Japan, what would it be like without shopping. As you go around the shopping street called “Sho-tengai“, where you could find a variety of items to suit your every need!

Prices in Osaka are friendlier to the wallets compared to shopping in Tokyo, at places like Harajuku and Shinjuku

Another reason why Osaka, being an ideal place to live and work in, is the person of Osaka.

Always friendly and enjoying a good laugh whenever possible, a mix of both foreigners and locals within the same vicinity. Osaka is the ideal location to be in, in Japan. Especially if crowds aren’t your thing.

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