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Online Meetup: Learn How to Success in SDGs Business from a Mushroom-tech Startup!

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A Special Meetup to study SDGs startup business from a material industry innovator.

12th Jan 6:30PM JST (UCT+9)

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Keynote Presentation

How to Success in a SDGs Startup: A story of a Mushroom-tech Startup in Indonesia.

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Mycotech is an Indonesian Startup that produces and sells new materials made from mushrooms to realize sustainability in the material industry. They were founded in 2015 with the vision of “Providing a high-performance and sustainable material through biotechnology for the global market by empowering local communities”. In 2019, they were certified as one of the three B Corporations in Indonesia, which is awarded to businesses that fulfill the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to achieve a balance of profit and purpose.

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In this meetup, Mr. Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, a co-founder and chief innovation officer from Mycotech, will share his experiences in challenging the environmental issue of the industry and talk about points of setting up, managing, and expanding SDGs business as a startup.

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Keynote speaker

Ronaldiaz Hartantyo – Co Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Mycotech

Architect turned Mushroom Farmer

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Short Biography

An architecture graduate of ITB 2007, coordinator of Ganesha Hijau, a movement towards the eco-campus movement. Since 2010 active in a traditional houses preservation movement called Rumah Asuh. 2011 involved in re-construction of Wae Rebo Traditional House, Flores. From 2011-2013 Working as professional architects at HAP Architects in Jakarta for various projects on conservation throughout Indonesia. He was also part of the documentation team for WAF (World Architecture Festival) 2012, Archifest 2012, and 2013 pavilion and several conservation projects of Indonesian Heritage with PDA(Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur). He actively promoting the “Cool Farmers and Eat Locally” Movement with the Agritektur community. He also Jolkona Catalyst Alumni in Fall 2015 in Seattle, WA, US. Also a winner of Shell Livewire International 2015 and Finalist of Falling Walls 2016, Sendai, Japan with Mycotech. In 2017 collaborated with ETH Zurich and FCL NUS Singapore to create Mycotree the first structural mushroom installation as one of the main pavilions in Seoul Architecture Biennale 2017. Chosen to be part of What IF Lab as Indonesian Designer sent to Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven. Mycotech also showcasing mushroom armature in Living Design Expo 2019 and chosen as the best booth. In 2020 collaborated with MTRL Kyoto held an exhibition of Mushroom Material in Fabcafe Kyoto.

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What is Mycotech?

Mycotech objectives are to grow material using mushroom mycelium as a natural adhesive. By collaborating with local mushroom farmers to produce sturdy, lightweight products from strong, organic fibers that are formed into custom shapes, including BIOBO boards, a binderless board using mushroom mycelium as natural adhesive, and MYLEA a leather-like material which fully grown using mushroom mycelium. Mycotech utilizes agricultural waste and turns them into the material. With a variety of material characteristics, mycelium material potential is endless. If you visit Kyoto please mention me @ronaldiazh and hahaha

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– Introduction (5 min)
– Keynote Presentation from Mr. Ronaldiaz Hartantyo (60 min)
– Q&A session (15 min)
– Closing (5 min)
– Free Talk and Networking time (30 min) *Offline only

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Who can join?

Wherever you are from, as long as you are passionate about making social impacts in your business, we all welcome you!
*This is ALL English event.

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★Date : Jan 12th (Tue) 2021, From 18:30 to 20:30 JST (UTC+9)
★Fee: Offline: 500 yen, Online: free
★Online: Zoom. After your application is completed, we will send you the zoom link by email.

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■Update *10th Jan This event was planned to be held offline either, but we decided that it will only be held online via Zoom due to the current situation regarding coronaviruses in Osaka. We believe you fully enjoy this event online. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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