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As a translator you will be responsible for the translation of office documents, manuals, websites, contracts, brochures, instructions, presentations, & immigration documents.

Web Developer

As a web developer you will be responsible for development and/or localization for websites, mobile apps, software, video games, multimedia content, etc.


As a proofreader you will be responsible for document proofreading service.

Online/Offline Interpretation

As an interpreter you will be responsible to help the customer directly off-site or on-site (depends on the needs and circumstances).

How Does it Work?


Fill-in the Application form

Fill your the application form below as the first step to apply for the available position and connect with SUGEE Web Translation staff


Wait for Contact from SUGEE Team

SUGEE Team will check your data and try to find a project based on your desired position and skills. We will contact you via email. SUGEE Team will contact you for online or offline appointment to reconfirm your application.


Appointment with SUGEE Team

SUGEE Team will offer you several available project based on your data. In this step you also can negotiate your salary and working condition.


Contract Agreement

SUGEE Team will offer you several available project based on your data. In this step you also can negotiate your salary and working condition.


Start Working

After you got the detail information of the project, you can start your work. Make sure you finish it before the due date.


Translation Delivery

After you finish the work, we will do the quality check before we send it to the customer.


Revision (if needed)

You are obliged to revise your works until it meets the customer needs


Thanks For Working with Us

Now you have finished all your works in this project. We will contact you for the next prospective projects!

Why Join SUGEE Translator Team?

Multilingual Service

We offer full service in English, Japanese, Indonesian, and Chinese

Private & Exclusive Service

Each translator will work closely with the customer

Specialized for Foreign Digital Talents

Our services are specialized for foreign digital talents living in Japan

Global Start-up Ecosystem

We are connected with global start-ups and incubators in Asia Pacific
(Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, etc)

Integrated Service

We have other services for foreign talents living in Japan such as Housing, Visa Support,Tax Support, Business Set-up & Translation

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Who Are We?

Company Name:

Eftax Co. Ltd




Amagasaki KR Building 5F, 1-Chome 3-90, Showa Dori, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Date of founding:

January 8, 2013


10 million yen


Tomoaki Nakai

Business Contents:

• Support for overseas human resources business in Kansai
• Website translation
• Job introduction service for foreigners
• Outsourced data analysis and support for in-house production
• AI/IoT system development
• Web/mobile applications development
• Provision of data analysis education content materials

Affiliate Companies:

Aramaki Tax Corporation
AZUR Co., Ltd.


Real estate transaction business, Governor of Hyogo (2) No. 204166
Paid employment placement business Permit/permit number 28-YU-300936
Smart SME supporter (certification number: No. 9-20050017)

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