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【Report】Software Engineer Meetup#2

   We had an online meetup “Software Engineer Meetup#2”. 14 people from various countries such as Japan, Turkey and India participated in this meetup and had a great time together. I will summarize the meetup in this article.

General Information

Time3rd Feb. (Thus) 19:00〜20:00 (GMT+9)
Placezoom (Online meetup)
PurposeTo build networkings with others
To learn new ideas from others
ContentsOpening (5min)
Keynote Speech (30min)
Discussion (30min)
Our Introduction (5min)
Networking (〜45min)

Keynote Speech

   Mr. Wian, who is a backend developer at eftax Co., Ltd.( ), gave us a presentation about his working experiences and his life in Japan. In his presentation, he talked about his current jobs, the difficulties he faced working as a software engineer in Japan and what he would like to do in the future. Participants were impressed with his presentation and after that a lot of participants asked him questions. 


   After Mr.Wian’s presentation, we had time to discuss with others in small groups based on several topics.

  Topics were these;

  • Share what you thought or felt through Mr.Wian’s Presentation
  • Challenges or difficulties you have faced or you are facing working as an engineer or studying such fields
  • How you want to work or study in the future


   Finally, we had time to interact with other participants freely in breakout rooms. We had three kinds of rooms; ①Free ② IT Industry ③ Your career. The most popular room was the IT Industry room! Around 10 people joined the room and enjoyed talking about the IT industry or programming languages. In the Free chatting room, we introduced ourselves and shared thoughts on this meetup and current life in Japan. We were going to have about 20 minutes for the networking, but it lasted about 45 minutes! 

Next time is coming soon…

   We were going to hold this meetup OFFLINE, but due to the expansion of Covid-19 in Osaka, we switched to an ONLINE meetup. It is not sure whether next time will be online or offline, but anyway we are waiting for your participation! You can get the latest information from our social media!

Our Social Media

Twitter: @SugeeKansai

Instagram: @sugee_kansai

Facebook: @sugeekansai

▲ Thank you very much for participating!

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