Kansai Area Data for Entrepreneurs and Workers

In SUGEE, we provide an ecosystem where global talents, companies, and entrepreneurs can collaborate to leverage their business and create SUGEE innovations from Kansai to all over the world.

There are absolutely important for non-Japanese professional workers to find suitable places and companies to work with. Our vision is to connect high skilled tech professionals all around the world and companies who need skillful talents.

There are two useful sections below that you can look through.

#Population & Minimum Wage – Living Cost in Kansai area

#Number of Establishments and Jobs in Kansai area

Population & Minimum Wage – Living Cost in Kansai area

We would comfortable the most when we also can find the works and living places at the same areas with countrymen. The first part of the dashboard below is the map of Kansai.

  • The map is the Kansai location and the color represents the population.

The number of foreign residents and the total number of foreign residents by nationality/ region for foreigners residing in the Kansai area when you hover/ click on each Prefecture.

  • The chart on the bottom left is comparing Minimum Wage Yearly in each Prefecture of Kansai.
  • The bottom right chart is for the amount of money cost for living, each color represents each Application Category.

Number of Establishments and Jobs in Kansai area

On the right section, the number of Establishments is shown in a bar chart with the number and piechart with the percentage when clicking on it.

On the left section, the number of Jobs which is available on the SUGEE website is located here. 

The purpose of this chart is to track the most requirements for the Jobs in SUGEE website to instruct the Job Seekers to prepare their own profile.


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