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Japanese Customs in Summer

Introduction Today’s theme is “Japanese customs in summer”. Japan has four distinct seasons, and each season has its unique customs. Summer, one of the most popular seasons in Japan, also has characteristics and interesting traditions. In this article, you can see...

Usage of appliances in Japan

 One of the things you need to know when you start living in Japan is how to use Japanese home appliances. Here we will explain how to use Japanese home appliances and the points to consider when choosing one. We hope you will find this information useful before...

Rental Housing Application Process in Japan

Rental Housing Application Process in Japan

Before moving to Japan, the first thing that will come to your mind is to find a living place. You need to search internet websites and social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram for a house or an apartment or you can contact a real estate agency. As it may seem difficult to find houses on your own, so, the best option will be to get help from real estate agencies.