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October 19, 2022

Job ID


Job Name

[Domestic Sales] Manufacturer of surveillance and security cameras with the world’s No.2 market share


Domestic Sales

Job Classification

Sales / Planning Sales [Corporate Sales, Individual Sales

Years of Experience Required

1 year or more

Employment Status

Full-time employee

Job Description

Every few years, security cameras undergo a changeover.
At that time, you will be able to take advantage of the strengths of our products and enjoy the freedom that only a foreign company can offer while also being able to develop the Japanese market!
You can enjoy the fun of developing the Japanese market while taking advantage of the strength of our products and feeling the freedom that only a foreign company can offer!

Sales Style

The strengths of our products are
(1) Cost advantage compared to other companies!
(2) Customization is possible so that we can make flexible proposals for our customers!
We are able to customize our products so that we can make flexible proposals for our customers!

About us

We are a manufacturer of network cameras and network video recorders and has the second-largest global market share in the field of surveillance and security cameras. The company offers its products equipped with cutting-edge technology at reasonable prices and achieved sales of 400 billion yen in 2019. The company has continued to increase its sales volume since then.

Background of Recruitment

Our products and services are used in 180 countries around the world! We are looking for start-up members for our Japanese subsidiary!

  • We are looking for salespeople to develop direct sales channels with a view to further business expansion.
  • We offer our products to meet the needs of various clients such as financial institutions, medical institutions, office buildings, and commercial facilities.

You will be responsible for:

  • Acquiring new customers
  • Propose new products to existing clients
  • Inventory control
  • After-sales follow-up
  • Project progress check, etc.

Products to be handled

Network cameras, network video recorders, coaxial HT, etc.
We offer proposals from a selection of approximately 100 different products.

About the company

We have an open and frank environment where employees can consult and communicate with each other.
You can learn product knowledge slowly and carefully.

  • After joining the company, you will receive up to 3 months of specialized knowledge.
  • We provide extensive online training on specialized knowledge for up to 3 months!
  • Engineers will accompany you to business meetings to discuss technical details!
  • New product exhibitions are held every year! You can also build relationships with customers.
  • Support from China headquarters! Sales methods of other countries are also available for reference.
  • We have 28 employees, including 7 Japanese nationals.

About working style

Although the sales area is fixed, the sales style is really free in terms of clients, approach methods, schedule management, etc. This is an environment where you can make great use of your discretion and ideas. Some of our senior employees use their experience to focus their approach on specific clients or participate in exhibitions to promote business negotiations.

Manage your own way of working! Free work style

  • You can control your own tasks, which makes working easy!Work from home/go directly home OK!
  • You can work outside of the head office where there are no offices! For example, a senior staff member in charge of the Kansai area works completely from home in Osaka.
  • It is interesting to be involved in sales channel expansion in Japan!
  • There are still only a few companies in Japan that can handle our products.
  • We have a small number of sales representatives, so we have a wealth of markets to explore.
  • You can also enjoy the fun of developing your own brand in Japan!


  1. Have experience working in a Japanese company in Japan
  2. Experienced in corporate sales of security/communication/electronic equipment (to Japanese companies)
  3. Experienced as a manufacturer (precision equipment, electronics, etc.) or as a distributor of their products
  4. Experienced in sales, purchasing, pre-sales, etc.
  5. Experienced in sales in Japan to Japanese corporations
  6. Business Level Japanese
  7. Currently residing in Japan


  1. Experienced in sales to corporations such as financial institutions/educational institutions/office buildings
  2. Experienced in sales to business owners
  3. Experienced in new market development
  4. Knowledge and experience in mechanical, electrical and IT
  5. Chinese or English skills (daily conversational level)

Annual Salary

4,500,000 yen to 7,500,000 yen

Salary Details

  • Salary will be determined based on experience, skills, and previous salary.
  • There is a 12-month probationary period (during which you will be a contract employee/other benefits will remain the same).
  • After the probationary period, the candidate will be hired as a regular employee.



Possibility of Relocation


Work Location

Head Office
Daiichi Inamura Bldg. 9F, 1-9-2, Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
One-minute walk from Kayabacho Station

1 minute walk from Kayabacho Station on Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Tozai Line
Six-minute walk from Nihonbashi Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Tozai Line

Working Hours

  • 9:00-18:00 (8 hours/60 minutes break)
  • Overtime work is approximately 20 hours per month.


  • None


  • Full social insurance (employment, workers’ accident compensation, health, and employee pension)
  • Transportation allowance (up to 23,000 yen/month)
  • Food allowance (400 yen/day)


  • 123 days off per year
  • 2 days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • National holidays
  • Paid vacations (10 days granted in the first year)

Trial Period

There is a 12-month probationary period (contract employee during the probationary period/no change in other benefits).
After the probationary period, the employee will be hired as a regular employee.

Selection Flow

  • Document screening
  • 1st Interview
  • 2nd Interview

How to Apply

Fill out your data and upload your resume (履歴書) and CV (職務履歴書) in Japanese (make sure it follows the Japanese regulation format) to SUGEE Works registration form.

Fristy Tania
Fristy is the Manager of the Overseas Business Division at eftax Co., Ltd. She is an ESTJ, a long-life learner, and a self-development enthusiast. She has a deep interest in MBTI personality theory, neuroscience, and the science of mind.

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