Interior Construction Manager (Tokyo/Osaka) – JB2020101818779
October 19, 2022

Job ID


Job Name

Interior construction manager for offices, hotels, commercial facilities, etc.


Interior Construction Manager

Job Classification

Architectural and Civil Engineering / Construction Management and Construction Supervisor

Years of Experience Required

1 year or more

Employment Status

Full-time employee

Job Description

Specific Duties

This position is responsible for interior construction management of a wide range of properties, including offices, hotels, commercial facilities (food & beverage, retail, apparel), and clinics.


The company manages projects in which sales, design, and production (construction management) work as a team. To ensure that the workload is not uneven, you will be assigned flexibly, taking into account the number of properties you are responsible for. We receive many orders for large-scale projects in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and in such cases, two to three production staff are stationed to handle the project. We handle many projects in Tokyo and three prefectures (mainly in Tokyo) that are highly design-oriented, such as hotels, offices, restaurants, retail stores, apparel, etc. We handle 3 to 4 projects per month that exceed 100 million yen, and 6 to 7 projects per month that are about 30 million yen, such as store renovations.
In recent years, we have been involved in interior/exterior construction orders and fund properties that ensure high-profit margins, and since we work on entire buildings, there are few nighttime construction projects.


We have 95 employees, many of whom are in their 30s. All of them are mid-career hires, so you can work with peace of mind.
Interior construction management (site management, budget management, safety management, legal management)

Background of Recruitment

  • We are strengthening our department due to an increase in projects caused by sales expansion.
    We are working on the interior and facilities of properties and facilities owned by one of the world’s largest fund companies, offices of famous companies, major hotels, restaurants, commercial facilities, etc. We have been working on properties such as these.
  • We are involved with properties such as the following
    Interiors and facilities for offices, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, commercial facilities, clinics, etc.
  • We are able to handle a wide range of projects, from highly designed properties to large properties worth hundreds of millions of yen.

Working Environment

  • We offer an environment where you can balance both “compensation” and “job satisfaction.
  • We practice a work style that maintains a good work-life balance.
  • We have established a division of labor (sales, design, and production departments) to eliminate overwork in which one person performs multiple roles.
  • The Production Department has separate teams for cost estimation, construction management, facilities, and safety, allowing employees to concentrate on their own work and work efficiently.

Reasons why it is easy to work here

  • We are able to cooperate with sales and design staff within the company, and each team manages its own budget. Even if there is a change in specifications, we can quickly cooperate with each other and solve the problem speedily.
  • Direct work and direct return are possible.
    The environment is one in which the individual is given discretion and a high degree of freedom in terms of schedule management and working style.
  • Scale: 10 to 500 million yen, etc. (average 50 million yen)
  • Construction period: 1 month for small-scale projects, about 1 year for large-scale projects
  • Area: Mainly within the 23 wards of Tokyo and the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • Because we are responsible for upstream projects, we often negotiate with management and store owners.

After joining the company, we will entrust you with projects based on your experience and skills. While working as an immediate asset in a genre you are good at, you can gradually take on new properties and expand your experience and skills.

Our philosophy

Our company’s philosophy is to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Our representative established our company after changing careers from a super general contractor to the bridal industry. In this industry, where a harsh working environment is considered the norm, our philosophy is “employees first” and “ease of work and culture” in order to create an organization where employees want to work. By establishing these two principles, we will motivate our employees to produce higher value and quality work and create “Thank you” from our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve sales of 20 billion yen by 2025. We will not only bring out the overwhelming design ability of each individual but also implement various action guidelines, such as eliminating barriers between departments and titles and strengthening collaboration, so that we can make proposals that exceed requests as a team.


Experience in construction management of interior construction. (Qualifications not required)


  1. Building construction manager certification (建築施工管理士(1級・2級))
  2. Plumbing construction management engineer certification (管工事施工管理技士(1級・2級))
  3. Electrical Construction Management Engineer (電気工事施工管理技士(1級・2級))

Annual Salary

4,000,000 yen to 8,500,000 yen

Monthly Salary

325,000 yen

Salary Details

Wage breakdown
Monthly (base salary): 250,000 yen~
Fixed overtime allowance/month: 75,000 yen~ (fixed overtime hours: 30 hours and 0 minutes/month)
Overtime allowance for overtime work in excess of the fixed overtime hours will be paid additionally.

Monthly salary
From 325,000 yen (including a flat allowance)

Salary increase: yes

Overtime work allowance: yes

Salary will be determined based on experience and ability.
Overtime pay is paid for 30 hours, regardless of whether or not overtime is worked.
Additional pay will be given for overtime work in excess of 30 hours.
Salary increases are given twice a year (January and July).
Example of annual salary: 28 years old/three years with the company: 5.5 million yen; 35 years old/five years with the company: 7.3 million yen; 43 years old/four years with the company: 8.2 million yen.

The amounts listed above may increase or decrease through the selection process.
Monthly salary includes fixed allowances.


  • Bonuses will be paid twice a year (January and July)

Possibility of Relocation


Work Location

Tokyo Head Office:
Iwatoku Building 7F, 1-1-9 Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest station: Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote Line

Kansai Sales Office

Utsubo East Bldg 3F. 1-7-9 Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Working Hours

  • 9:00-18:00 (Prescribed working hours: 8 hours)
  • Break time: 60 minutes (12:00-13:00)
  • Overtime work: Yes


  • Commuting allowance: Provided / upper limit of 50,000 yen per month
  • Retirement allowance: Paid to full-time employees who have been with the company for 5 years or more (retirement age: 60 years old)


  • On-the-job training, SMBC fixed-price seminars, and incentive programs for qualification acquisition
  • Benefit Station membership
  • Introduction of Office Okan
  • Company trips, golf, barbecues, relay races, etc.


  • 2 days off per week (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays are holidays)
  • 10 to 20 days of annual paid vacation (the minimum number of days is the number of days granted after six months of employment)
  • 124 days off per year

Trial Period

  • 3 months

Selection Flow

Document screening → 1st-2nd interview → Notification of informal offer → Joining the company

How to Apply

Fill out your data and upload your resume (履歴書) and CV (職務履歴書) in Japanese (make sure it follows the Japanese regulation format) to SUGEE Works registration form.

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