Material/Chemical/Food/Pharmaceutical Technician (Shizuoka) – JB2022091318753
September 26, 2022
Food Technician Vacancy in Shizuoka

Job ID


Job Name

Production control


Material/Chemical/Food/Pharmaceutical Technician

Job Classification

Production technology/production management [materials/semiconductor materials/chemical products]

Employment Status

Full-time employee

Job Description

  • Production planning (identification of production issues from a medium- to long-term perspective, planning/implementation of countermeasures)
  • Production preparation work (new product, launch progress management of various projects, problem-solving)
  • Global production management, etc.


  1. Currently residing in Japan and willing to be relocated to Shizuoka
  2. Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  3. N1 level Japanese (Communication within the company and various tools will be in Japanese.)
  4. Ability to think and act on your own & have the spirit to take challenges
  5. Communication skills (experience negotiating with other departments, etc.)


  1. Experience in production management or system development and improvement
  2. Language skills (English: daily conversation level or higher)

Annual Salary

3,500,000 yen to 7,000,000 yen

Monthly Salary

250,000 yen to 380,000 yen

Salary Details

  • Salary will be determined according to company regulations, experience, and ability
  • Pay raise: Once a year (April)


  • Twice a year (July/December)
  • 5.2 months of standard wages (last year’s results)

Possibility of Relocation


Work Location

Shizuoka Prefecture

Working Hours

  • Working time: 8:00-17:00
  • Break time: 12:00-13:00
  • There is a flextime system with a core working time of 10:00〜15:00
  • Average overtime hours are 30 hours per month


  • Family allowance: 1st child 19,500 yen 2nd/3rd child 3,500 yen (dependents only)
  • Management allowance
  • Overtime allowance
  • Holiday work allowance
  • Late-night work allowance
  • Special work allowance
  • Commuting allowance


  • Employment insurance
  • Industrial accident insurance
  • Welfare pension
  • Health insurance

Non-statutory Benefits

  • Complete with dormitory and company housing (available for 8 years after joining company)
  • Single dormitory: 10,000 yen/month
  • Company housing for families: 20,000 yen/month
  • Meal allowance
  • In-house deposit system
  • Retirement plan
  • Car purchase loan
  • Vehicle referral system
  • Group insurance, etc.
  • In addition, you can get, a global challenge system, an overseas assignment education system, etc.
  • We have a well-equipped education system for each rank and a backup system for career advancement.


  • 2 days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays off in principle)
  • GW, summer, year-end, and New Year long holidays available
  • Annual holidays: 121 days
  • Annual paid leave: 10 days in the first year of employment, 17 days in the second year (given in April). After that, every April, the number of days increased by one day will be paid (maximum 20 days).
  • Others (refresh leave, special leave for congratulations or condolences, etc.)

Trial Period

  • 3 months (No change in conditions during probationary period)

Selection Flow

Document screening → SPI (aptitude test) examination → 1st screening → 2nd screening → Unofficial offer → Joining the company
*The 1st and 2nd screening/interview can be conducted online.


Indoor smoking is prohibited (outdoor smoking space is set up)

How to Apply

Fill out your data and upload your resume (履歴書) and CV (職務履歴書) in Japanese (make sure it follows the Japanese regulation format) to SUGEE Works registration form.

Fristy Tania
Fristy is the Manager of the Overseas Business Division at eftax Co., Ltd. She is an ESTJ, a long-life learner, and a self-development enthusiast. She has a deep interest in MBTI personality theory, neuroscience, and the science of mind.

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