Web/Open System SE [Application Design] (Hyogo) – JB2022091318705
September 26, 2022
Application Designer Vacancy in Hyogo

Job ID


Job Name

[Kansai branch office] Middleware development


Web/Open System SE [Application Design]

Job Classification

IT Engineer [System Development/SE/Infrastructure]

Employment Status

Full-time employee

Job Description

  • Responsible for expanding functions and developing new functions for business-use package software (WEB applications), which is our own product.
  • Build and operate a cloud environment using AWS, which is the operating environment for the above software.
  • You will be responsible for the development of our middleware products.
  • There are regular version upgrades, and in this version upgrade, in addition to customer requests,
  • You can also propose your own ideas and put them on the product.
  • In addition, we would like to entrust you with the development and management of the entire product, such as the idea and development of new products.

About our products

■ Access point:

We develop and sell WiFi access point products that can be connected to multiple units in classrooms.

■ Wireless handy terminal:

  • Our products are able to read barcodes used in logistics/distribution systems in real time
  • We develop and sell products that can record the status of incoming and outgoing shipments.

Assignment information

  • You will be assigned to the development Department of the Technology Headquarters, and currently, three employees are working on this task.

Training system

  • We conduct training for our parent company, which is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and external seminars to learn specialized technology.
  • We provide an environment where you can improve your skills.
  • In addition, each team leads study sessions on our products and networks as necessary.


  1. Currently residing in Japan
  2. Have experience working in Japan
  3. Familiar with Development environment: Windows server Languages: PHP, JavaScript, HTML, PostgreSQL
  4. Experience in software development/programming experience
  5. Have a deep interest in the manufacture
  6. Fast learner


  1. Experience in software development/programming experience

Annual Salary

4.5 million to 8.3 million yen

Monthly Salary

From 260,000 yen

Salary Details

  • Salary from: Monthly salary system
  • Monthly salary: from 260,000 yen
  • Basic salary: 240,000 yen
  • Salary increase: once a year


  • Bonus: Twice a year (June and December) *6 months of the previous year

Possibility of Relocation


Work Location

Hyogo Prefecture

Kansai Branch Office

9-52 Ashihara-cho, Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture

Working Hours

  • Prescribed working hours: 7 hours 45 minutes
  • Flextime available (core time: 10:00-15:00)
  • [Break] 60 minutes
  • [Overtime] Available (Average overtime hours: 30 hours/month)
  • *Working from home is possible twice a week


  • Commuting allowance (paid based on company regulations)
  • Overtime allowance (paid separately according to overtime hours)


  • Social insurance: complete (health insurance/welfare pension insurance/employment insurance/workmen’s accident insurance)
  • Retirement allowance: Corporate-type defined contribution pension available (for employees with 3 or more years of service)
  • Housing allowance: Kansai area: 30,000 yen for the head of household, 20,000 yen for non-head of household
  • Family allowance: 15,000 yen per child
  • Qualification Allowance:
  • Qualification acquisition support system
  • In-house training system
  • Online English conversation learning support system
  • Correspondence education subsidy system (30,000 yen per course)
  • Cafeteria plan


  • Number of annual holidays: 125 days
  • Breakdown of holidays: (Saturday/Sunday/Holidays)
  • Summer 4th/New Year’s 8th
  • Other: special leave
  • Paid vacation: 10 granted after 6 months of employment, up to 20 days *Accumulated paid vacation system available

Trial Period

  • 6 months (no change in employment conditions)

Selection Flow

[Number of interviews] About 2 times (approximate)
[Written test] Yes


[Attractiveness of our company]

The company is a subsidiary of Furuno Electric Co., Ltd., which is listed in the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Top manufacturer. Products for the education industry have shown particularly strong growth in recent years. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology
It is said that all schools will realize ICT lessons that introduce a tablet terminal for each student.
In particular, since the introduction of wireless LAN access points for the educational market will be in full swing in the future, our company has a market share of about 30%.
in a favorable position. In addition, based on our strengths in the education market, we are also targeting corporations such as NTT West Japan,
Sales to the tourism and disaster prevention markets are also steadily increasing.

[Working Style]

  • With 125 days off per year and a two-day work week (Saturdays and Sundays), it is a relatively easy-to-work environment.
  • We flexibly respond to shorter working hours for childcare, nursing care, etc., and have a track record of obtaining this.
  • Remote work is possible.
  • By setting a no-overtime day once a week, we are seriously working to improve work styles and reduce overtime.
  • From May 2022, the Kansai branch office will be relocated to Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, and a more organized and efficient development environment will be established.

How to Apply

Fill out your data and upload your resume (履歴書) and CV (職務履歴書) in Japanese (make sure it follows the Japanese regulation format) to SUGEE Works registration form.

Fristy Tania
Fristy is the Manager of the Overseas Business Division at eftax Co., Ltd. She is an ESTJ, a long-life learner, and a self-development enthusiast. She has a deep interest in MBTI personality theory, neuroscience, and the science of mind.

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