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September 22, 2022
Planning Sales Vacancy in Tokyo

Job ID


Job Name

Sales of newly built houses [no walk-in sales / no transfers]



Job Classification

Planning Sales [Corporate Sales/Individual Sales]

Years of Experience Required

1 year or more

Employment Status

Full-time employee

Job Description

  • This is a sales position for detached houses and apartment buildings for “Panasonic Homes”.
  • Mostly custom-built homes, but also sales of ready-built homes.
  • Although it depends on the place you are assigned to, basically, it is a reactive sales to the customers who visited our exhibition halls.
  • In principle, there will be no on-site sales.

Business Description

  • Handling of customers who visit our exhibition halls *Depends on the company to which you are assigned.
  • Responding to inquiries from customers
  • Hearing customers’ requests for housing
  • Explanation of products and planning based on the content of the hearing
  • Designs and prepares quotations in cooperation with design staff.
  • Liaison with internal and external departments
  • Delivery
  • Other incidental work

Assignment information
The position will be at one of our five sales offices located mainly in the Tama area. (Mainly at exhibition halls).
The Sales Division consists of about 22 people in total, and each sales office has a sales team of about 4 or 5 people.

After joining the company
In addition to the on-the-job training system, we have a common training and education system for Panasonic Homes.
Specifically, we provide the following training programs.

  • Panasonic Homes sponsored training
  • Training for new employees (basic knowledge of housing)
  • Hierarchy-specific training (1st to 3rd year with the company)
  • Mid-career development training, etc.
  • Sponsored by Panasonic Homes
  • Executive management training
  • Leadership training
  • Mid-level employee training, etc.
  • E-learning: Compliance training
  • Compliance training
  • Information security training
  • SDGs basic knowledge training
  • Manner training
  • Environmental and quality training, etc.

Working Environment
As part of our “reform of the way of working,” we introduced a “flex system” with no core working hours about 4 years ago.
In addition, since we basically recommend “go directly to work and go home,” you can adjust your workflow according to your own work content. We have introduced an attendance management system to clarify each employee’s working hours and overtime hours.

Evaluation System
We use a “grade system” to evaluate our employees.
In addition to daily work performance, points are added according to qualifications acquired and actions taken, and the “grade” is changed.
The evaluation criteria are clearly defined as “…. points left until the next grade,” and you will have a “one-on-one interview” with your supervisor once every six months to discuss your progress toward a pay raise/promotion.
You will be able to set your own business policy and goals for salary increase/promotion through a “one-on-one meeting” with your superior once every six months.

Career Plan
Our company handles not only custom-built detached houses, but also facilities, stores, land utilization, and various other fields.
Therefore, you will be able to gain experience in a wide range of fields in the future.
In addition, while we are a brand of “Panasonic Group”, we are a small and medium-sized company with 100 employees.
The most attractive point is that you will find it very rewarding to be able to make things happen based on your own opinions.


  1. Japanese language level: N1
  2. Currently residing in Japan and have a valid working visa
  3. Type 1 driver’s license (AT limited)
  4. At least 1-year experience in residential sales

Annual Salary

3.3 million to 5.5 million yen

Monthly Salary

220,000 yen to 350,000 yen

Salary Details

  • Monthly salary system: 220,000 yen~350,000 yen
  • [Salary increase] Yes / previous year (2,000 yen)~7,500 yen)

Example of Annual Income Calculation:

  • Mid-career recruitment 16th year / 40 years old = annual income 12 million yen (including sales bonus)
  • New graduate recruitment 9th year / 31 years old =annual income 5.5 million yen (including sales bonus)


[Bonus] Twice a year

  • In the first year, we will consider the salary and treatment of the previous job.
    *2 from the second year onwards~4.8 months
    *Previous year results: 3.7 months

Possibility of Relocation


Work Location

Head office: 4-13-3 Sakaecho, Tachikawa, Tokyo
Passive smoking measures available (no smoking indoors)
Commuting by car: Impossible

Exhibition hall
Tachikawa Exhibition Hall / Tachikawa Second Exhibition Hall
Address: 935-1 Izumicho, Tachikawa, Tokyo 190-0015
Access: From Tachikawa Station on the JR Chuo Line, get off at Tachikawa Bus Shin-Tachikawa Kokumae and walk for 3 minutes
Hachioji Exhibition Hall
Address: 234 Otanicho, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0034
Access: The work location will be Tachikawa City or Hachioji City depending on the assignment.

Working Hours

  • Flex system (no core time)
  • Working hours 7:00〜22:00
  • Basic working hours 9:00-17:30 (break 12:00-13:00)
  • Average working hours: 7.5 hours a day.


  • Transportation expenses: Paid according to regulations
  • Childcare allowance (for dependent children) 5,000 yen/person
  • Sales bonus (paid in the month following construction) 20,000 yen~¥ 200,000
  • *Varies depending on profit amount
  • There is a half-year sales bonus at the time of bonus
  • Paid according to the cumulative profit amount for the half year
  • Qualification allowance 3,000 yen to 20,000 yen


  • Full social insurance (Panasonic health insurance association, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance)
  • Self-reliance support subsidy system (limited to singles up to 35 years old)
  • Refresh leave system (every 5 years after joining the company)
  • Housing allowance (only if the house is built by our company)
  • Childcare/nursing care leave system: Acquired
  • Telework allowed
  • Plainclothes OK


  • Number of annual holidays: 108 days
  • 2 days off per week (Wed/Other)
  • Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, special leave, memorial leave, refresh leave, planned annual leave of 5 days, annual leave encouragement day of 5 days
  • Paid vacation (10 days in the first year up to 20 days/year)

Trial Period

  • 3 months (no change in employment conditions)

Selection Flow

  1. Document screening
  2. First interview
  3. SPI test (aptitude test, calculation test, etc.)
  4. Second interview

The first interview can be remote or face-to-face. The second interview will be face-to-face unless the current address is remote.

How to Apply

Fill out your data and upload your resume (履歴書) and CV (職務履歴書) in Japanese (make sure it follows the Japanese regulation format) to SUGEE Works registration form.

Fristy Tania
Fristy is the Manager of the Overseas Business Division at eftax Co., Ltd. She is an ESTJ, a long-life learner, and a self-development enthusiast. She has a deep interest in MBTI personality theory, neuroscience, and the science of mind.

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