System Engineer / Programmer Needed!
February 24, 2021

System Engineer / Programmer Needed!

System engineer / programmer
Location: Osaka, Japan (on-site, not a remote work)
Job type: Full-time employees / contract employees
Salary: 3,640,000 ~7,800,000 JPY/year
Industry: SAAS Company


  • Language: Able to have a daily conversation in Japanese

  • Hard skills / Technical Skills / Experiences:

    • Those who have 2 years or more development experience as a WEB engineer is preferred

    • Able to adapt with Current development environment:

      • Development PC: Windows Mac (selectable, dual display is also provided)

      • Backend: PHP Python

      • Frontend: Vue.js TypeScript

      • Framework: Laravel, Nest.js, FastAPI

      • Database: MySQL Redis

      • Version Management: Git GitHub

      • Others: Linux Apache Nginx Node.js

Job Description: Develop or update the Company’s products (SaaS type communication tool).

Work condition:

  • Employment status: Full-time / contract

  • Working hours: Flextime system, you can choose your favorite commuting time from 8:00 for those who want to work early in the morning and from 12:00 for those who want to relax in the morning.

  • Annual holidays: 127 days

  • Welfare: Social Insurance, Commuting allowance, Influenza vaccination, subsidy for lunch, free drinks and sweets

Selection process:

  • Document selections

  • Interview with SUGEE Team

  • Interview with Company

Company overview: SAAS Company in Osaka, Japan

How to apply:
Register to
Fill out your profile and upload your CV/Resume
Notify us by sending an email to [email protected]
Email subject: SysEng_GREEEN01
Email content: link to your SUGEE Works Profile

If you have trouble registering, contact us on:
Email: [email protected]

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Fristy Tania
Fristy is the Chief Operating Officer of Jobwher Co., Ltd. Currently, at the same time, she has another role as a Manager of the Overseas Business Division at eftax Co., Ltd. She got married to a Japanese man and live in Osaka together with her husband. She is an ESTJ, a long-life learner, and a self-development enthusiast. She has a deep interest in MBTI personality theory, neuroscience, and the science of mind.

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