Participate Companies in 500 Startups Kobe Accelerator was announced
September 17, 2020

500 Startups Kobe Accelerator is an acceleration program, provided by 500 Startups in collaboration with Kobe City, allows startups from around the world to apply. It has been held four times since 2016. Startups that are approved to participate in this program can brush up their business models while receiving mentoring and lectures during the program. (

This year, there were 237 applications (75 from Japan, 162 from overseas) and 17 teams (6 from Japan, 11 from overseas) are selected.

Here is the list of participating companies in 2020.

  1. AESOP Technology (Taiwan, Health-tech)
  2. Brain Navi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan, Health-tech)
  3. Health Sensei (India, Health-tech)
  4. Meracle Pte Ltd (Singapore, Health-tech)
  5. Osana Salud (Argentina, Health-tech)
  6. Parmazip (Philippines, Health-tech)
  7. SenzeHub (Singapore, Health-tech)
  8. Sportip, Inc (Japan, Health-tech)
  9. Yondo (Australia, e-Commerce)
  10. Zenu, Inc. (Japan, e-Commerce
  11. Humaxa (US, Remote working)
  12. LearningPal Inc. (US, Work efficiency tool)
  13. Chezuba (India, Social tech)
  14. Pocket Passport, LLC (Japan, Online Education)
  15. Kalkul (Japan, Audio instrument)
  16. Dream Drive K.K. (Japan, Tourism tech)
  17. Langualess Inc. (Japan, Pet tech)

The programme this year which finishes on 30th October has been started since 7th September. The demo day of participants is scheduled on 12th November.

Check them out too!

■START in Kobe (2) What is the 500 Startups Kobe Accelerator?

Haruki Morikawa
An author and an editor of SUGEE.

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