SUGEE Meetup#3 Online
April 10, 2020
SUGEE Meetup#3 online-2

Now, everyone has a common question.
“What the world will be after COVID-19?”

Because of the spread of Coronavirus around the planet, we are facing a huge crisis that no one has ever seen. This global-scale pandemic is changing our work-styles drastically. 
Of course, Japan is no exception. 

As for the business, to survive during and after this chaotic economy, we need to handle dramatic changes in business models that have already started. 

This meetup is focusing on developing your business/ work-style strategies in “After COVID-19 World” through exchanging insights from each participants living in Japan for their businesses.

It will be also a good networking opportunity for your business and career.

– Self-introductions (10 min)
– Introductions of statistics and data as references (15 min)
– Discussion among participants (25 min)
– Closing (5 min)

★Who can join?

Wherever you are from, Japanese or foreigners, as long as you are passionate about doing business in Japan, we all welcome you!
*This is ALL English event.
★Up to 15 people
Include SUGEE members join in for discussing with you!
★Date : April 24th(Fri) 2020, From 18:30 to 19:30
★Fee: free
★Tool:We are planning to use Google Hangouts. We will invite applicants to the meeting room by email.

**Notice: For securing enough time for talking of each person, we accept 15 participants maximum. In case we have more than 15 applications, we, unfortunately, won’t be able to accept your application however we will update you on the information of our upcoming meetups.
When your application is accepted, we will send you an email to share with you the video call link.
Thank you for your understanding!

*Deadline: 22nd April

Apply from here


It is a multi-support media run by Scribble Osaka Lab that helps foreigners in starting a business in Osaka, Japan. We provide various information and  Networking opportunities in English. (

Feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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Haruki Morikawa
An author and an editor of SUGEE. A Third-year student at Osaka University, majoring in English Literature. Department of International Relations of Scribble Osaka Lab.

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